News day / “We have to create a church culture in which everybody who is Christian believes that every moment of my life I am called by God and that every moment of my life the Spirit of God is stirring me up to do his work,” he said. “Unless we do that, we going to get a whole set of people wanting to be priests and nuns as part of a hierarchy. The days of that type of hierarchy I suspect are dying.” Harvey who on the weekend took up an appointment in Grenada as Bishop of the Diocese of St Georges, responded to appeals, over the years, for young men and women to become priests and nuns to supplement the dwindling stock of clergymen.

Archbishop Joseph Harris renewed the call during the ordination of Fr Simon Peter Ango at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Port of Spain, on July 15, saying the church was blessed to welcome a new labourer in the vineyard.

Ango said in a subsequent interview that while he believed the church was doing enough to encourage vocations to the priesthood, parents and relatives also had to do their part to encourage the process. Harvey said previous Popes, including Benedict and John Paul 11, have called repeatedly for a hierarchy of service as opposed to one of office.

“Therefore, what we have to do is from Baptism, the child must learn how to listen to the voice of the Lord.

Is not how much money I could make from this. It is what is God calling me to do.” Harvey said the culture of both the church and society “is one of the best jobs.” “It is a question of allowing God to recreate a people who will be listening to his voice every step of the way,” he said.

“If we do that some of our young people and some of our older people will want to lead in that church as a call to service. And then we will get the priests and nuns we need. “But if we are simply calling young people is to lead a church that is not being true to the gospel in many ways, we are going to run into trouble.”


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