RJR News / More than 5,000 delinquent firearm holders are now in trouble as they failed to meet Saturday’s deadline to register their weapons and pay licensing fees.

RJR News has been informed that the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) will today commence an enforcement drive targeting the gun holders.    

It will involve a team from the FLA and the police.

The agency had complained that several licensed firearm holders have been breaching the terms of  their licences for years, as they failed to register the weapons, bring them in for inspection or paid annual fees.  

More than 1,000 firearm holders responded ahead of  the July 29 deadline.

A source at the FLA said persons who did not respond will be charged with breaching the Firearms Act and are liable to have their guns as well as ammunition seized.

The fine is $200,000 or 12 months imprisonment.

They will still be required to pay outstanding fees.

Bunting calls for removal of FLA board                                                          

And with MOCA set to investigate innuendos made against FLA Deputy Chairman Dennis Meadows regarding operations at the agency the Opposition Spokesman on National Security  – Peter Bunting, wants a suspension of  the issuing of  firearm licences.    

News came on the weekend that FLA Chairman Dennis Wright had also asked MOCA to investigate any approval of  firearm licences which may be considered suspicious prior to 2016.

 Bunting has also called for the removal of the FLA board.

He was speaking at a PNP meeting in Nain, St. Elizabeth last night  

“We need to fire this board, we need to suspend any further issuing of licenses until a complete investigation of every single file of licenses that have been approved since 2016, since this new board has come…”  

Meadows reportedly told the FLA Board that he is the target of  a smear campaign, and is confident that at the end of  the investigation, his integrity will remain intact.



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