Jamaica Gleaner / Senior People’s National Party member, Phillip Paulwell, is seeking to dismiss speculation that yesterday?s selection exercise in South West St Andrew was a key moment in a strategic battle for the leadership when the president, Dr. Peter Phillips, resigns.

Outsider Angela Brown Burke won the race by 93 votes to become the proposed PNP candidate for the constituency.

Brown Burke is councillor for the Norman Gardens Division in the Kingston Eastern and Port Royal constituency represented by Phillip Paulwell and Smith Facey the councillor for the Payne Land Division in St Andrew South West.

” IN PHOTO: Peter Bunting

There has been talk of a Peter Bunting camp and another for Phillip Paulwell as prospective PNP leaders.

Paulwell was a key Brown Burke supporter.

The fact that Bunting and Lisa Hanna from the so-called renewal wing supported Audrey Smith Facey did not help to quiet the talks.

However, Paulwell dismissed speculation that he is in a chess game to set up his leadership bid.

  PNP Region Three Chairman, Phillip Paulwell.


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