Jamaica Gleaner / A bad hair day is something that you should not have on that special day. Fly-aways are not allowed, and the hair does need to last into the night after all the excitement and play begins and you are going in for round two.

When you are walking down the aisle, or when you hit the dance floor, the last thing you need is to have your tracks falling out or an itchy scalp. But outside of the style you choose, how you treat your hair leading up to your wedding day is equally important.

Hair stylist Tanecia Wolfe of Salon Phoenix, gave us five tips for every bride-to-be:

1. Do a consultation, at least one month before your wedding day. This way you can know how healthy your hair is, and how feasible the style you want to walk down the aisle in. That will give you enough time to treat any scalp inflammation or just get a routine treatment.

2. Opt for hairstyles that complement your facial features – an updo is not for everyone.

3. Instead of getting a full weave, try single tracks or clip-ins which have more flexibility. While a full weave might look nice, it is not the best choice depending on how you would like the hair to be styled. Less is more.

4. Do regular treatments and drink a lot of water to ensure that your hair is nice and healthy. For your wedding day, even if you are going to wear a weave or extensions, your natural hair still has to be healthy. You need it to be in the best condition ever for the big day.

5. Try hair accessories. A little sparkle goes a long way. A few pins with stones or pearls, but be careful not to go overboard.

Here are a few of her looks.

Tanecia Wolfe

Contact: 833-4393

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