News day / The warning came from Snr Supt Joanne Archie who applauded a suggestion from a resident speaking at a police town meeting at the Glen Road Community Centre last week, that landlords should seek information from police.

“There are a lot of people coming from Trinidad to Tobago to hideaway and are on outstanding warrants, people who are committing robberies and as soon as they come to rent your place and they settle they start to do criminal activities.

You need to ask for an ID and ask a police officer to do a background check. We are willing to do that check for you before you rent anybody your place,” Archie told residents.

The suggestion that persons renting apartments should visit the police station to get a background check on prospective tenants came from Annette Broucher, who said that landlords needs such information so they would know whether that person has a criminal record or was suspected of any felony.

Residents also spoke about larceny, delinquency, parking restrictions and towing of vehicles as well as lack of street lighting as issues affecting them.

Michael Collins of Rockly Vale complained about young persons who he said were a nuisance to the community, that they were walking around the community with cutlasses on their hips making threats.

Collins claimed some of these men were from Trinidad and warned that residents could take the law into their own hands if the police do nothing. In response, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tobago Division, Garfield Moore, gave the assurance that officers would address with the issues, urging residents to not take the law into their own hands.

Another villager, April Huey, said she would like to see more activities available for young people, especially during the vacation periods while another person, Miss Eastman, said she hopes the police would deal with family conflicts in a more serious way.

Eastman said she lodged a complaint with the police about her son who was causing trouble at home.

For the year, eight murders have been committed in Tobago with the most recent being a murder/suicide in which Romelda Joseph-King was chopped to death in bushes at Congo Hill in Moriah last Wednesday by her husband Hilton Gordon King shortly after she gave him divorce letters.

King then killed himself by ingesting a toxic substance.


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