The trinidad Guardian / The public was recently advised that the contract for the Ocean Flower 2 was cancelled by the Port Authority and it will not be servicing the T&T sea bridge.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why certain decisions are made by public officials. This boat was already 21 years old and sourced from Asia to be brought to the Caribbean. That is halfway around the world.

And why select a service provider with only two years’ experience in the business? This is not rocket science.

Is it so hard to source a fast ferry that is less than 10 years old, in good condition and from a country located closer to T&T?

I have been a frequent user of the ferry service for the past 10 years and was always satisfied with the service and performance of the fast ferries while they were maintained by the Bay Ferries company of Canada with their Canadian crew stationed in T&T.

Could the Port authorities not utilise this relationship to help in sourcing another fast ferry? After all the accusations that were levelled against the former government in relation to the Super Fast Galicia, it is mind boggling that the present Government could make such bad decisions now in their attempts to acquire a suitable vessel for the sea bridge.


C Rodriguez, Petit Valley


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