The trinidad Guardian / Diego Martin mother Carol Noel was overwhelmed with grief yesterday, after learning the man who was killed when a falling tree crashed into a car at Granville beach on Sunday was her son, Joshua Grannum.

According to reports she received, Grannum, 23, was seated in a silver Nissan AD Wagon talking to a woman when strong winds began swaying the trees violently and one of them fell on the car. The incident was described as a freak storm.

“I saw when he take up a towel and a pants and put it in a bag and when I asked him where he was going he never tell me nothing. He just left,” a tearful Noel told the T&T Guardian at her Bagatelle Road home yesterday.

She said Grannum left home shortly after 6 am and although he did not tell her where he was going, she learnt on Sunday night he had been killed when a tree fell on the car he was in.

“I got to find out that he went with some friends from right in the area here…one of them lived not too far from by me,” Noel said.

Noel said she never had any serious problems with Grannum but would often speak to him about the kind of friends he had around him.

“He wasn’t no bad person and he never really go anywhere. I always told him be careful who he had around him because friends will carry you and don’t bring you back, but he never listened to me,” Noel said.

“This news just break me,” she added.

Grannum’s six-year-old brother’s caretaker, Diane Roscoe, said Grannum was always there for his mother, who is a single parent of four children.

“He was very gentle and hard working whenever he worked,” Roscoe said.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be made.


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