News day / At the scene at 6th Avenue, relatives told Newsday Walker came out from prison in May after serving a sentence for gun and ammunition-related charges.

They said he was known for his criminal behaviour.

“That boy never listened. He was a pest. I loved him, and he was a very loving person to me, but he was a pest.” At about 7.15 am, Walker and three men, dressed in CEPEP uniforms, entered the supermarket and announced a holdup.

They snatched cash from the register but, before they could escape, someone with a licensed firearm challenged them and a shootout ensued. Walker was shot and he died at the scene.

The man who shot him was also wounded and taken to hospital where he is said to be in critical condition.

One of Walker’s relatives said she wants to apologise to the owners of the supermarket but she does not know how they would react.

“If they lash out at me it would hurt me even more. I was tired of telling him about this bad-boy life he was living. How could you shoot a man and take what is not yours?” The relative told Newsday Walker had a troubled life since his mother died in his arms when he was six years old.

Since then he had been taken care of by other family members but slowly got into a life of crime


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