Trinidad Express / BUSINESSMAN and broadcaster Inshan Ishmael said he spent 19 hours in police custody and was released without being charged following his detention on Thursday.

Ishmael said after a 15 minute interview with the police the following day, he was allowed to leave the police station. A video was posted on social media showing Ishmael being taken into custody. Ishmael said his arrest came during protest action surrounding the blockage of the Narsaloo Ramaya Road in Chaguanas. He said the restriction to the road affected people being able to gain access to the mosque or to businesses in that area.

Ishmael, a talk show host, was taken away in a marked police vehicle during the protest. He said two other men were arrested during Thursday’s incident and were charged with obstructing the police in the execution of their duties. Ishmael said they appeared before the Chaguanas court yesterday and the matter was adjourned.

Ishmael told the Express he was informed that he would have been charged for common assault for allegedly pointing a gun at a man on April 2 at the ASJA Complex in Chaguanas.

He denied the claims and said he made reports to the police that the man tormented him and his family.

He said following his arrest on Thursday, he was placed in a cell with others. He called the experience “dehumanising.” No charges were laid against him.Ishmael said he plans to file a lawsuit against the State.

He also said he plans to write to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA). Ishmael who said this was the seventh time he was arrested, told the Express that next month a rally will be held against the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. “It is about time people speak up,” he said.


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