The trinidad Guardian / Once again the girls outshone the boys at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) examinations, as the schools securing the most scholarships were St Joseph’s Convent (Port-of-Spain) and Naparima Girls’ High School, who were awarded 38 scholarships each from the 382 overall awarded by the Government.

“I must say that the boys need to step up to the plate. However, it is not as daunting as it would seem because in the case of boys we have had very good performances by some of our schools where we have our male students, like Hillview College who achieved 29 scholarships…14 open and 15 additional,” Education Minister Anthony Garcia said yesterday.

He said Naparima Boys’ College got 21 with 12 open and nine additional, Presentation College (Chaguanas) 29 with 15 open and 14 additional and Presentation College (San Fernando) secured 15 scholarships with five open and ten additional. (See pages A17, A18 & A19)

“They (boys) are not too far behind, but we would like to see that day that they are also among those who will be awarded the President’s Medal. In the past we had the boys coping that distinction, but for the past few years we have had girls coping those awards. We would like to see both boys and girls doing exceptionally well,” Garcia said.

He said he was pleased government schools also received several schols, including El Dorado East Secondary School, which was plagued by violence in the past, Couva East Secondary, Rio Claro West Secondary, San Fernando Central Secondary School and Signal Hill Secondary.

He said out of the 382 scholarships, 153 were open and 229 were additional, adding there was also a “much wider spread” of scholarships than in previous years.

On complaints of a delay in scholarship payments, Garcia assured this would be done in a timely manner. He described the overall performance of the students as “excellent,” saying it was difficult to maintain the cap on the 400 scholarships usually awarded.

He said while it was necessary to celebrate the students who excelled, the ministry was implementing measures to ensure those who were not up to par also received the necessary assistance, including adjusting the curriculum to cater to special needs students.


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