Jamaica Gleaner / When guests turned up for the 19th anniversary celebration of Couples Negril, they were in for a real treat-literally. With the roots, rock, reggae theme, the menu followed suite with an island roots theme teeming with authentic Jamaican delights. It boast the likes of codfish rundown, breadfruit squares and ackee and shrimp pockets on the Jamaican seafood action station.

The chips and dips station played host to breadfruit, sweet potato, dasheen and plantain chips.

And when it came to the dessert station, among the French Macroons and Creme Burlee were the local stars of gizzada, coconut drops, toto, blue draws, grater cake, and rock bun, with hot desserts featuring Jamaican cornmeal pudding and potato pudding.

Of course with the myriad of offerings whatever you desired could be fulfilled, whether it was Mediterranean, or of an Asian persuasion. Here are some of the delicious highlights.  


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