Jamaica Gleaner / Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa hosted its Restaurant Week tasting last Tuesday. Guests were greeted upon entry and introduced to the captivating ambience of the Black Orchid Fine-Dining Restaurant.

A live pianist added to the experience as guests sipped on some of the world’s finest wine selections and were introduced to the delectable menu options for Restaurant Week 2017, crafted by a team of accomplished chefs.

After settling in, guests geared up for the feast to follow. The appetiser selection includes Frittura Misto, Roasted Vegetable Salad and a Cream of Pumpkin & Celery Soup.

The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere was evenly tempered with the bright smiles from guests and staff, laughter, chatter and sweet aromas filled the air as guests awaited the main course.

Tropical Twist Chicken, succulent Apple Mint BBQ Pork Chops, a perfectly stir-fried Vegetarian Charm and the ‘Fisherman Paradise’ – freshly grilled fillet of snapper topped with juicy grilled shrimps and finished with a signature coconut white wine garlic sauce which was served as the main course Persons were given an option of Creamed Potato, Spicy Polenta Squares and Coconut Rice. As the evening simmered down to the sweetest bits, guests geared up for dessert, which featured a delicious Rum Truffle, mouthwatering Creme Brulee and tantalising Chocolate Mousse.

Black Orchid Restaurant promises patrons eight days (November 10-18) of culinary adventure, fine dining and infinite memories for this year’s staging of Restaurant Week.


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