The trinidad Guardian / T&T’s forward Jerrel Britto suffered a medical scare last week while in training with his Honduran club Honduras Progreso after experiencing chest pains and dizzy spells. Fortunately for the former national under-15 captain, after being taken to hospital by club officials, an echo-cardiogram and further medical tests revealed no heart complications. He was later cleared by doctors to resume playing.

“I was getting a sharp pain in my chest during training but I didn’t pay it any attention until later in the training I started feeling light headed,” Britto explained. “When I sat down it got worse and I encountered breathing problems before the coaches and some players came to my aid and then I was taken to hospital.”

The conditions in Honduras recently may have played a part in Britto’s physical condition.

“The doctor said that my physical state was good following the tests and that maybe what took place was due to dehydration because the sun has been very hot lately,” he said.

Britto went on to play two successive matches since, scoring in the 59th minute of his team’s 4-1 win over Platense on Wednesday. “Thankfully all is well now for me. I’ve played two full games and scored once but it just goes to show how you cannot take anything for granted. I am grateful to God for everything that he has guided me through and I will continue to strive and give praises,” Britto said. Britto was called up to the Senior Men’s Team earlier this year.

John hails the SSFL

Former Queen’s Royal College goalkeeper from the 1993/94 period, Mario John has paid tribute to the Secondary Schools Football League for helping shape his career from footballer to medical practitioner.

Dr John is currently medical director of Hughston Clinic, Oviedo, located at Oviedo Medical Centre in Florida. He completed his general surgery internship at Harlem Hospital in New York City before completing his residency in orthopaedic surgery at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC.

John played in the Championship Division and Intercol competitions in 1993 and 1994 and played in the Under 14 division in 1987.

“Participating in the SSFL game me a solid foundation that made me a success today. It gave me the opportunity to obtain a football scholarship to prepare me for a lifetime of academic pursuits,” John said.

“That discipline during that era gave me the purpose and drive to be a success during all the years of rigorous academic pursuits. I credit that time to my coaches and teachers. Most importantly my SSFL era bought me closer to my community and allowed to make alliances with fellow players, relationships that I cherish today.

“I think the SSFL is a great stepping stone for our young footballers to gain recognition whether via national football, going professional or obtaining scholarships as a means of financial aid to get a proper education. All in all that


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