Trinidad Express / There was a general consensus after the 2018 budget was read on Monday, that there was very little in it to put the population’s mind at ease.

Local comedian, Kess Ramsey has seen it fit to shake up the psyche of Trinidadians and Tobagonians, and give them something to smile about with his doubles challenge.

With over 2000 views on Facebook and climbing, locals cannot seem to get enough of it.

One person, who decided to take up the doubles challenge was Denith McNicolls.

McNicolls is the founder and artistic director of Denithy. It is a local multimedia company. He is also the founder of Caricomedy, a local entertainment company, which focuses on Caribbean based comedy.

McNicolls said, “Because is vibesssssssss. We’re content creators, we like to have fun, and we like to make people laugh.”

The Express caught up with Ramsey, who did not seem too fazed by the attention his #doubleschallenge has received.

He said, “I do stand-up comedy. I have been making funny videos for Youtube and Facebook for a year. Some of my more memorable videos are “Roti” and “How to eat doubles.” I have also done several remixes to songs such as The Weekend’s, I Feel It Coming.”

Ramsey launched the doubles challenge on his Facebook page, September 20. The video which is under a minute shows Ramsey, and his take on a good doubles.

“We have seen so many challenges like the Ice-bucket challenge and others that usually stems from abroad. I wanted to do something we could relate to. I also enjoy doing comedy and being a Christian, I also wanted to show that comedy can be clean and funny. Local comedy has always been great with guys like Sprangalang and Tommy Joseph etc. But lately it’s been filled with more and more vulgarity. While that type of comedy has its place a few friends of mine like Keevan Lewis (aka keevo), Gervail Lee (aka Jn Lee Entertainment), and a few others like myself have started doing clean funny comedy that everyone can enjoy. This type of comedy would show the nation that stand-up comedy isn’t dead but different,” he said.


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