The trinidad Guardian / A comprehensive report on issues on the Cabo Star cargo ferry has been sent to the Brazil and London offices of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF-the global organisation which represents transport workers around the world.)

Local ITF officials Michael Annisette, president of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers’ Trade Union, and maritime attorney Nyree Alfonso surveyed the vessel following receipt of a report from Estonian engineer Edurak Lasuk about safety issues on the Cabo Star.

Among other things, Lusak complained of leaks of a combination of hazardous oils and fuels on the vessel and and said he did not “feel safe” working in the “environment.” Another engineer who has since left the vessel expressed similar concerns.

Within recent weeks, truckers have reported that the vessel has “slowed down considerably” and on Thursday it was travelling at nine knots an hour. Truckers aboard the vessel on Thursday said while on route to

Scarborough work was being done on it and it eventually docked just before midnight. It made the return trip from Scarborough at 1.45 am and was due to sail again at 2 pm yesterday.

Port officials confirmed repair work on the vessel will be undertaken today and tomorrow. A plan for a late sailing of the vessel tomorrow was cancelled after consultation with the Tobago Chamber, which wanted to ensure the maintenance work to be done was completed before the vessel set sail again on Monday.

In a statement yesterday, the public relations manager of the Inter-Island Transport Company, Vilma Lewis-Cockburn, confirmed the vessel will return to service on Monday.


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