Jamaica Gleaner / The Jamaica Evangelical Alliance (JEA) is seeking to distance itself from an upcoming conference examining the church and anti-sodomy laws across the Commonwealth.

The conference, dubbed Intimate Convictions, is to be held tomorrow and Friday at the University of the West Indies Regional headquarters.

A flyer advertising the conference says distinguished speakers from the Anglican, Adventist, Baptist, Roman Catholic Evangelical and United Churches would be making presentations.

However, in a release the JEA says it deems this conference as another attempt by the homosexual community to advance the homosexual agenda and to undermine the stance of the church against the normalisation of homosexuality.

The JEA says it categorically denies that any of its member denominations, organisations or individuals are presenters at or supporters of the upcoming conference.

The group says the Jamaican church stands united on the matters of buggery and homosexuality.

It has declared that it can, without fear of contradiction, say all denominations and umbrella groups affirm the biblical stance that the practice of homosexuality and buggery are sinful and inappropriate behaviours.

The JEA says it’s time to make clear that the declarations of personal opinions by certain persons from the church be differentiated from the stance of the Jamaican Church as a whole.

Meanwhile, the church group is advising the homosexual community to repent and be baptised and seek trained professional counselling to address their sexual and relationship addictions.


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