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Concern has been raised about the upcoming transfer of Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth from his current posting as head of the St. James Police.

The private sector in St. James is taking issue with the timing of the reassignment of the senior cop as the parish grapples with an upsurge in crime.

SSP Nesbeth will be transferred to the Border Security Branch, effective November 10. He will be replaced by SSP Wilfred Campbell who now heads the Kingston Central Police Division.

T’shura Gibbs, President of the Montego Bay Chamber of  Commerce, is worried about the implications of  SSP Nesbeth leaving the parish at this time.

This was a repeat of what has happened frequently in St. James, she said, with the incumbent police commander’s tenure being truncated before he has had time to fully implement his crime fighting strategy.

“Marlon Nesbeth was doing a good job! The problem bringing somebody new in the middle of what’s happening is that we’re going to be… forced to build a relationship all over again and it delays the process that we were hoping to advance,” she said.

More than 250 people have been murdered in St James since January 1, with 13 killed last weekend.

SSP Nesbeth admitted on Monday that the Zone of Special Operations in Mount Salem, St James has not been able to stem the bloodletting in other parts of the parish.

Despite its concerns about the pending transfer of SSP Nesbeth, however, the Montego Bay Chamber has reaffirmed its commitment to anti-crime initiatives in the parish.

It is expected, she said, that the new commanding officer will meet shortly with members of the business community so that they might understand his strategy.



















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