MiamiHerald / The boys had just returned to Module 9 of the Miami juvenile lockup from the dining hall when one of them hit Elord Revolte high and hard. More of the boys jumped in, punching and slamming him over and over, then pile-driving his 135-pound body.

One called it an “A-town Stomp,” and demonstrated to detectives by jumping on the floor with both feet.

Elord, 17, fought back gamely. ” I swung a punch ,” said the youth who struck him with the first blow. ” I hit him. He swung two punches. He hit me. I swung one punch and then I grabbed his shirt and hit him again. Then I slammed him on his head and I hit him. … All my friends, they start jumping over the chairs, while Elord was on the floor and they went to stomping on him .”


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