The trinidad Guardian / Accomplished designer and jewellery maker Janice Derrick is showing new work in the collection Edges and Equilibrium at Y Art Gallery.

The show includes work in metal with natural materials, Derrick said in a promotional video on the gallery’s Facebook page. In her artist statement online, she said her jewellery designs had always been influenced by her long-time love of architecture, but her lines had softened since returning to T&T from the UK, where she had lived since she was 16.

“Simplicity, clean lines, graphic imagery, the structure of man-made or natural forms, movement, geometry and the delicacies of nature that I can observe in the world around me, are what fire me at the core. The later work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bauhaus were also great influences during college and their hold remains.

“I find now as I have moved back to my roots in Trinidad that what surrounds me is less the stark large structures of the big city and much more the lush colour and overwhelming flora of a tropical island. This transition has had a positive effect on the growth of my work, which can especially be seen through my newest pieces which are based on the growth and reproduction of cells, which can be simultaneously organic and structured.”

The metal in the current collection is worked with “wood and stone, found objects”. “This is where the edges and equilibrium come,” Derrick said in the video.

“The boundaries between one form and another or between one texture and another and the balance, the equilibrium between them.”

Derrick graduated with honours from the Sir John Cass faculty at London Guildhall University, and set up a studio and workshop near Hatton Garden after being given a Clerkenwell Green Association award. (The association of craftsmen and makers provides studios and workspaces, organises exhibitions and professional development for its members.) She came home to T&T in 2005.

Having taken a professional break to marry and start a family, Derrick slowly started resuming her work five years ago, her online bio says.

“This exhibition has been on my mind for quite some time,” she said in the video.

The show opened October 5 and will run until October 21 at the gallery, 26 Taylor Street, Woodbrook.


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