Trinidad Express / “Don’t study my tablecloth jacket. This government should be focused on putting food on people’s table, and bringing down the cost of living,” says Princes Town MP Barry Padarath.

While some people were wondering about the economic measures in the Budget, others were drawn to Padarath’s choice of attire for the Budget presentation on Monday.

His outfit drew taunts of ‘tablecloth’ jacket from the Government bench during the sitting on Monday.

The Express spoke to Padarath via telephone on Wednesday.

He was unfazed by the comments, and felt the attention should be placed on more important matters.

Padarat said he had been criticized by this government before and says he has seen this happen to former Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar.

There was a time they criticized Ms Bissessar’s hair and clothes, he said.

“My outfit is a corporate outfit. I don’t see it as something out of the ordinary other members of parliament have worn plaid, so I was surprised to see that reaction,” he said.

Padarath wore a bluish-grey plaid jacket, light blue tie, white shirt and blue pants. His jacket was from local designer, Peter Elias.

Padarath says he is the youngest MP, and has strong fashion sense.

He said his outfit was suitable, and received a favourable response from Elias, who said, plaid is trendy now.

Despite the disparaging remarks, he is not put off plaid, and will wear it again.

Given the amount of attention his outfit has received, Padarath posted this comment recently on his Facebook page: ”For members of the media asking for a comment: I urge members of the Government to focus on the Kitchen table and not the table cloth. You continue to take bread and butter out of the mouths of citizens focus on that, I am not about distractions. #zara2017fall”.


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