The trinidad Guardian / At this time of the year we have what is known as a budget debate. You are hearing from several corners what to expect, what not to expect and advice on what should be done. I believe what is important is that we be realistic and take the necessary factors into consideration. One of the things for sure that will not happen is hamper packages for citizens. I know that will not go down well with many but as I said before let us be realistic.

Trinidad and Tobago is still in a recession, the oil dollars have not shown any drastic moving up and the way the guru’s sees it that will be so for a while. As you well know it is oil and gas which drives our economy. Also, the Government has made it known to everyone that they are having challenges in meeting the monthly salaries of those employed by them. When we take these few things into consideration it is clear and fair to say that the Government will be looking for more revenue to cover their expenses.

The big question is where will this revenue come from? After all there is no major project to bring in this revenue on stream. Some may be in the pipeline but that is all there is. To make a long story short, we the citizens will be called upon to make up the shortfall in revenue. Through taxation it is simple as that not a math problem. How will this taxation take place? Maybe increases at the pump and property tax for the businesses-there are several options.

I would like to suggest to our Government in doing the budget please do all that is possible to help those unemployed and the less fortunate in our society. While others may be able to survive the challenges there are those who can go under. Let it be a budget to help them. That is only fair, looking out for each other.

Arnold Gopeesingh,

San Juan


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