The trinidad Guardian / Attorney Nicole Beaubrun-Toby was yesterday appointed as the fifth member of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission by President Anthony Carmona.

Chief Justice Ivor Archie said Beaubrun-Toby’s appointment meant that the JLSC was now fully functional and staffed.

He said all her experience would bring “sobriety and focus” to the entity. He said her appointment came at a time when it was greatly needed in the public service. Last month, Justice Charmaine Pemberton was appointed as a member of the JLSC.

Accountant Pete London was also reappointed as a member of the Integrity Commission by Carmona yesterday.

Carmona said he was certain that Beaubrun-Toby and London would bring renewed energy to their respective positions.

Speaking after the ceremony at President’s House, St Ann’s, Carmona hailed Beaubrun-Toby not only for her outstanding performance in the field of law but said her volunteer work at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital also made her a fine exemplar for society.

Describing her task as one which entailed a “tonne of responsibility” Carmona said it comprised the responsibility of choosing the top luminaries in the legal profession.

But he said he had the fullest confidence in Beaubrun-Toby as her work over the years was one of the highest professional standards.

Carmona also praised Beaubrun-Toby’s father, a medical doctor, whom he said was not only an advocate against alcohol but was instrumental in looking after the needs of children of the Princess Elizabeth Home.

“Your father was responsible for bringing in the best surgeons for the children. He also had a strong philosophy about saving lives and this was shown through his strong advocacy work,” Carmona added.

Among her achievements Beaubrun-Toby also served as bptt chief counsel.

The President also urged others to follow in similar footsteps saying it would uplift humanity.

The JLSC, the body which appoints judges, magistrates and other senior legal officers, was affected following the resignations of former Justices of Appeal Roger Hamel-Smith and Humphrey Stollmeyer which took place in June this year.

The resignations had come just over a month following calls for the Chief Justice and the entire JLSC to resign as a result of the imbroglio surrounding the facts and circumstances of the appointment of the former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar to the High Court and the subsequent cancellation of that appointment.


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