The trinidad Guardian / One day after a group of retrenched casino workers picketed the home of Finance Minister Colm Imbert, representatives of the gaming industry have been invited to a meeting with Minister in the Ministry of Finance Allyson West. The meeting takes place today at 1.30 pm.

This was confirmed by president of the T&T Members Club Association (TTMCA) Sherry Persad who said the group had been “desperately requesting” an opportunity for a meeting to discuss the industry and the proposed 100 per cent increase in gaming taxes.

“The TTMCA is grateful for the opportunity to share with the minister our concerns about the increase in the gaming tax and how it will destroy our industry.

We shall also be prepared to share with the minister our proposals on how compliance in the industry can be increased and thereby increase revenues for the Government without a tax increase,” she said.

“The TTMCA is hopeful that there can be areas of mutual co-operation and compromise at this meeting and bring about a meaningful resolution to this challenge that the gaming industry faces before the budget goes before the Senate next week.”


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