Jamaica Gleaner / Strengthening confidence in self and country is important if Jamaica is to achieve sustainable economic growth, says managing director of the country’s largest indigenous commercial bank, JN Bank, Maureen Hayden-Cater.

Speaking to permanent secretaries and heads of government agencies during a corporate mingle organised by the Bank at the Audi on Oxford Road in St Andrew recently, Hayden-Cater said Jamaicans must have a sense of assurance about how they can access opportunities to improve their lives and circumstances.

“Why? Because raising confidence is an important part of any development strategy of a country. For without confidence, then we are, as Marcus Garvey said: “Twice defeated in the race of life,” the career banker quoted.

“Therefore, it is important that persons in the public sector be assured that they can cover their basic expenses; and raise their families, without worrying about financing necessities; as well as, position themselves to create personal wealth.”

The JN Bank managing director said being confident about what one can achieve is a fillip for innovation and industry and underlined that JN Bank is positioned to assist Jamaicans to achieve opportunities, including those in the public sector, Hayden-Cater.

Leon Mitchell, chief of marketing at The Jamaica National Group, of which JN Bank is a member, underscored that beyond financial services, Jamaica National also seeks to raise the confidence of its members and Jamaicans through its work in community development, sports and education.

They saluted permanent secretaries for their service to the country and acknowledged their role in stimulating growth through policy development.

“Our public servants, including permanent secretaries, are often expected to do a lot with very little; and similarly, the rewards for your service to Jamaica will never match the level of service you give,” Hayden-Cater lauded the permanent secretaries.

“As the leaders in your ministries, I know that you consistently strive to find ways in which you can access more funds; so that you can add to the resources you manage; as well as, deliver more to the Jamaican public you serve,” Hayden-Cater said.

She said, as a commercial bank, JN Bank is now positioned to provide the financial services government ministries and agencies require to maintain their financial obligations, in addition to broad range of financial services from other members of The Jamaica National Group.


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