Trinidad Express / ALARMED residents are calling on officials to investigate the men found hunting in Palmiste National Park, an internationally recognised recreation site.

Speaking to the Express, a resident who wished not to be named said that this was the first time people were found carrying guns into the park and attempted to kill animals.

Concerns were raised as this site is a public space, where only last week the Ramleela celebrations, attended by thousands, was held.

Hunting season opened on October 1 until March 31.

Permits are issued annually from September 15 until the end of the hunting season.

Several photographs were being circulated on social media showing four men at the bank of the pond at the Park last week.

One of the men can be seen aiming a rifle towards the water.

The park is known to be the habitat for snakes, opposum, iguanas, fish, caiman and turtles.

Councillor for the area Roland Hall said this matter is serious and said he will be speaking with Forestry Division.

“It is illegal to hunt in the Park. And once one person comes you will see many more coming. We need proper “no hunting” signs around the area and I will keep in touch with Forestry Division on this,” he said.


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