The trinidad Guardian / Suspended without being given a chance to be heard, Harry Ragoonanan opted not to attend this week’s interview with the Investigations Committee of the ruling People’s National Movement.

Ragoonanan was due to appear before the committee yesterday but told the T&T Guardian he did not go.

The T&T Guardian understands Ragoonanan had requested his attorney also attend the committee hearing, but committee refused the request. Former Port-of-Spain mayor Murchison Brown, the committee’s chairman, yesterday told the T&T Guardian, “This is an internal party matter. It is between the party and the aggrieved person and we don’t have third parties at these sessions.”

Brown spoke just before 6 pm yesterday, when the committee was still awaiting Ragoonanan’s arrival.

Asked what would happen if Ragoonanan failed to attend the committee hearing, Brown said, “We are the Investigating Committee, we will submit a report to the general secretary and he takes it from there.”

Ragoonanan, a long-serving member of the PNM, was suspended from the party on October 14 following a meeting of the PNM general council. The announcement to the media was made before Ragoonanan was informed. Ragoonanan, who is a sitting member of the general council, did not attend the meeting on the day he was suspended. Also absent on that day was political leader, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

The official letter informing Ragoonanan of his suspension, dated Monday October 16, accused him of attempting to solicit business from a Chinese businessman on the basis of his position in the PNM and his relationship with the then PTSC chairman Terrence Beepath.


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