Jamaica Gleaner / Hello, mi neighbour! Somewhere, someone is dying, someone is crying, someone is laughing, and someone is lying. Of course other people are doing other things, including whatever you may be doing at the moment. Circumstances often determine who does what, when and where. Those who cry today may laugh tomorrow and vice versa . Whatever you may do with your time and space, living is important to all and it’s for all.

All have a responsibility not only for their own well-being, but that of others. And let’s not forget that seeing to the well-being of others may lead to our ill-being at times … hmm … that’s how the humanity machinery works wired to assist one another in different ways.

Again, those who have no impulse to assist someone in need, need ‘re wiring’. Changing gear here.

Every so often I receive texts, calls, emails and visits from neighbours facing crises and need a bailout from someone. The most recent was a gentleman in debt with death at his heels. He became anxious, worried and confused.

Everyone to whom he turned for help, had a hard-luck story, and by the end of the day, his circumstances worsened: blood pressure went up with no money to visit doctor or purchase medication. His face could do with a little smile but his worries denied it.

The reality of owing money and being unable to pay is a condition that consumes countless numbers of our people and could be the reason behind many of our illnesses. Of course, there are many debtors who are not affected by indebtedness because they don’t pay debts … period! But “mek dem gwan, a nuh one day monkey waan wife”.

… What drives indebtedness? Conscientious debtors are the ones most likely to suffer the embarrassment, and will resort to lying, hiding, borrowing, etc. as a means of coping with their reality.

But here’s the question: Are people’s indebtedness driven by necessity, bad habits, covetousness, stupidity or greed? The gentleman above was a poor man with a little job barely helping to make ends meet. Because the down payment on the furniture was small, he bit off more than what he could comfortably chew. And so, after paying the first two monthly instalments on the radio, refrigerator, stove, television, table, bed and fan for which his heart craved, the instalments stalled. His occasional part payments only frustrated his creditor and the bailiff was now knocking at his door!

The lesson: Be careful how you open the door to financial indebtedness. Is it a life and death matter? Here’s wisdom: Purchase whatever you can comfortably afford and enjoy it to the max until you can purchase something else. And watch those credit cards, quick loans, low/no down payments etc. They can send you into hiding, borrowing, lying, etc. and early demise.

PractiSe those habits which can keep you smiling, put a smile on the face of someone from list below and watch your own face lighting up!

Thanks to donors

1) Nicola, St Andrew, for offering a queen-size mattress to a neighbour.

2) Joyce, offering to assist neighbour who needs. accommodation.

3) Alvet, St Andrew, offering a dining to Michelle.

4) Neighbour, for offering a wheel chair to a neighbour.

5) Annmarie for superb acts of neighbourliness.

6) Everybody’s pharmacy for deeds of kindness.

7). Novie for reaching to the needy.

Opportunities to help

1) Carmen Asking for a second-hand refrigerator for a little business.

2) Neighbour, St James Unemployed and caring for the elderly. Asking for crochet thread and a sewing machine.

3)Brenda, St Thomas Asking for a dresser, mattress, stove.

4) Romaine, Kingston Would like to go back to school in January and needs someone to assist him.

5) Gloria, Widow Asking for fabric to make pillow cases unemployed and life is very tough for her.

6) Deon, Portland Asking for a stove with an oven – wants to bake for a living.

7) Neighbour Lost her household items and asking for neighbours’s help – stove, chest-of-drawers etc.

– To help, please call Silton Townsend @ 334-8165, 884-3866, or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to HELLO NEIGHBOUR C/o 53 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; Paypal/credit card: email: [email protected] .

Or contact e-mail [email protected]


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