RJR News / The Central Bank is forecasting that inflation for the 2017/18 financial year will still fall within the target range of  4 to 6 per cent. 

In its latest short-term Inflation analysis and forecast the Bank of  Jamaica said the overall risks are viewed to be balanced over the next four quarters.    

However, it says the main upside risks to the inflation forecast are adverse weather and stronger than anticipated demand conditions. 

The major downside risks include lower than projected international commodity prices and weaker than anticipated demand.   

Meanwhile, the Bank of Jamaica says inflation for September is forecast to mainly reflect increases in household expenses due to higher electricity rates.

This stems from increased fuel charges during the month. 

Upward impulse for the month is also expected to emanate from an increase in non-processed food prices. 


Inflation in October and November is anticipated to mainly reflect increases in food and household expenses.




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