RJR News / Data released by the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) shows that, during the period January 1 to October 12, the country recorded 261 fatalities as a result of 241 road crashes. This compares with 302 deaths from 250 crashes over the same period last year. The Council said this represents a 14 per cent decrease in road fatalities.  Of the fatalities, to date, 67 are pedestrians and they account for 26 per cent of total fatalities. Six per cent of the 67 pedestrians who died, are children. Pedestrians are the second highest group of road users that lose their lives on the roads, the highest category being motorcyclists, 81 of whom have died since this year, representing 31 percent of all fatalities.

The NRSC disclosed that pedestrians and motorcyclists account for 57 percent of persons dying from traffic crashes.    Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman of the NRSC, said despite the 14 per cent dip, the Council is still concerned about the number of road fatalities. He is urging motorists and pedestrians to exercise due caution.




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