RJR News / Chinese firm, JISCO –  the entity which recently took over the Alpart Alumina plant in St Elizabeth is set to extend its’ influence outside the bauxite alumina sector.

JISCO has already outlined plans to double capacity at the alumina plant at Nain, St Elizabeth and build manufacturing facilities.

The investments are set to cost more than US$2 billion but Finance Minister Audley Shaw says it won’t stop there.

“JISCO also wants to work with the small farmers in St. Elizabeth and Manchester to help to improve their productivity so the farmers can have better linkages into our supermarket chain and into the hotels to feed our tourists as well,” 

He also said that the the country’s BPO sector is set for explosive growth over the next five years and s the growth could see jobs in the sector being four times as much as it is now.

The BPO sector now employs approximately 22-thousandJamaicans.


“We expect in another year or two, 50-thousand persons will be employed in the BPO sector and if we do our things right, within three to four years we could be employing 100-thousand Jamaicans in that sector alone,” the Finance Minister said. 



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