MiamiHerald / If you want to predict a winner in Miami politics, try looking at the candidates’ soles. Of their shoes, that is.

If the tread isn’t bare, look elsewhere.

Despite the millions that will be spent this year on mailers, consultants, TV commercials and social media buys before the local Nov. 7 elections, neighborhood canvassing is where South Florida voters typically find the beef. Even in 2017, when candidates can turn to Facebook and Twitter to insert themselves into voters’ digital subconscious, Miami’s local elections are still won and lost on living room sofas and on doorsteps.

“In Miami, selecting a politician is sort of like buying a car,” says City Commissioner and mayoral candidate Francis Suarez, who keeps the pair of Nike Air Cole Haans he wore during his first 2009 campaign on a bookshelf in his City Hall office. “They want to kick the tires.”


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