RJR News / Peter Thompson, Executive Director of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), has expressed surprise at hearing of a re-emergence of the beet armyworm in New Forrest, Manchester, in light of the extensive work that was done by the organization to help farmers eradicate the pest just months ago.

“We are a little surprised because we have brought the farmers together in groups; we have taken them through all the necessary training required for the successful management of the pests… and that is why we are doing our own investigation to determine the authenticity of the report that we have received as well as concerns raised by farmers down there,” he said.

Mr. Thompson told RJR News that it is suspected that farmers have not been doing enough to stave off the deadly pests.

Nevertheless, he said RADA has been providing technical and material support to the farmers in an effort to eradicate the problem.

Farmers suffered losses of close to $100 million as a result of the invasion by the beet armyworm in mainly Manchester and St. Elizabeth earlier this year.



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