RJR News / The Board of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is denying claims by the Parliamentary Opposition that the agency is now engaged in work in St Mary as part of efforts to influence the outcome of the by-election in South East St Mary.

The People’s National Party  (PNP) claimed the NSWMA is planning to carry out major bushing and drain cleaning work as part of vote buying by the Jamaica Labour Party. 

The project also involved the removal of illegal dump sites and the clean up of garbage sites in St Mary.

In a statement late Friday, Chairman of the NSWMA, Dennis Chung, denied the claim and insisted that the agency is not involved in any political activity.

According to Chung, the Board of the NSWMA has looked into the matter, and made independent checks on the planned project in St Mary.

He explained that the project could never have been a part of any scheme aimed at influencing the by-election, because it is not projected to start before the October 30 by-election.

Chung argued that the discussions between the NSWMA and the Board of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) for the project are not scheduled to be completed before the by-election.  

He said it’s not unusual for the NSWMA to work with the TPDCo and TEF on various projects since he became chairman in 2015.


Chung argued that the claims by the PNP are unfounded and baseless and said the Board takes the matter seriously.

He has called on the PNP to provide the evidence that the NSWMA was party to any vote buying scheme.


If there is any evidence to support this, Chung suggests that the PNP provide the evidence to the board of directors, responsible Ministry, or even the Political Ombudsman.


Political pressure mounts – SE St. Mary

Meanwhile, the political pressure for the South Eastern St Mary constituency is intensifying this morning, with legal proceedings becoming a possibility.


Just days after controversy developed over the citizenship of PNP candidate Dr Shane Alexis, another has erupted over the legitimacy of the nomination of the JLP’s Dr Norman Dunn.


Based on the pronouncements by the PNP affiliate group the Patriots, and the opposing arguments of the JLP, there may need to be some judicial pronouncement on whether the National Health Fund is considered a government body.


The Patriots are maintaining that because of Dunn’s contracts with the NHF, he was disqualified from being properly nominated.


President of the Patriots Omar Newell, is suggesting that based on this alleged irregularity in Dr Dunn’s nomination, persons who vote for him on October 30 may waste their vote:


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