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Despite recent protests against the poor state of roads across the island, the National Works Agency (NWA) is not considering the wide-scale use of concrete as a long term solution to the problem at this time.

In recent weeks, residents of various communities staged major protests after complaining that their calls for better roads have been ignored.

The idea of using concrete to repair roads was put to NWA Communication Manager Stephen Shaw during an interview on TVJ’s Prime Time News on Tuesday night, and he said, while concrete “has a place” in Jamaica’s road construction programme, it was not a solution that was likely to be widely used.

“Concrete (made with cement) is more expensive than the traditional asphaltic concrete… and we’re saying that it is much more expensive, and it is a policy decision that has to be taken,” he said in favour of the use of asphalt.

“We select those that we think are appropriate for this particular methodology,” instead, he said in respect of the use of concrete.




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