Jamaica Gleaner / Prime Minister Andrew Holness is expected to seek an extension this afternoon for the zone of special operations (ZOSO) in Mt Salem, St James, after the initial 60 days for the security measure expired at midnight last night.

According to The Law Reform (Zones of Special Operation) (Special Security and Community Development) Act, the National Security Council may extend the period of operation, after consultation with the Joint Command, for a period not exceeding 60 days.

Mt Salem was designated the first ZOSO at the start of September and, while the move found favour with a large segment of residents and stakeholders, the Government faced some amount of criticism after Holness acknowledged faulty data about the number of murders in the community was used in the decision to establish the zone.

A total of four guns and a quantity of ammunition were found and several men held for questioning by the security forces during the clearing phase of the operation.

The subsequent holding phase then began to take root with the execution of social intervention programmes by agencies and organisations. Denham Town in West Kingston was recently named the second ZOSO.  

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