Jamaica Gleaner / THE EDITOR, Sir:

Last week, there were two propitious stories highlighting the recent victories of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). The first being the welcome news that reputed gang leader of the Duppy Flames Gang, Marlon ‘Duppy Flim’ Perry, had indeed become a duppy that could no longerĀ terrorise Jamaica.

The second was that four M16s were taken off of the streets. We are all aware of the havoc that could have ensued should these high-powered weapons have made their way into the hands of a miscreant, like Duppy Flim, for example. With that said, Let’s hear it for the JCF!

Perhaps the officers have been motivated by recent calls by Minister of National Security Robert Montague to promote them. Again,

another welcome move from the minister. Where we can, we should seek to incentivise the efforts of the officers. This is how we will successfully combat crime.

The recent zone of special operations (ZOSO) in St James seems to have mobilised and inspired officers, triggering a series of finds in other communities, including Cambridge, where an M16 rifle, an AK-47, and several handguns and ammunition were seized. We can’t stop now!

I hope to see an increase in these stories in the coming days. Let’s not whisper their success; this is something to celebrate!

As Minister Montague has suggested, fixing crime will take a joint approach, and this is possible. With the social-intervention initiatives included in the ZOSO act, accompanied with the combative response of our security forces, we’re closer than ever.

Let’s hear it for the Ministry of National Security, for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and for the law-abiding citizens who continue to provide the police with information.


Gutters District


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