RJR News / There’s more frustration and disappointment being expressed by public sector unions about the pace of  their wage negotiations with the government.

The Police Federation and the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) are again complaining that the negotiations are lagging behind when compared to previous talks.

The groups have argued that the negotiations are too protracted and their members are becoming frustrated.

“I can’t say that it has been what we expected it to be. It is now coming down to the end of October and what we have been used to over the last three negotiation cycles, is that by now we would have been more than half way through our negotiations.  In fact the 2015/2017 negotiations concluded about November 2015,” said Chairman of  the Police Federation, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, who was a guest on  Beyond The Headlines yesterday. 

 The situation is the same for the JTA.

“We had one meeting when an offer was placed on the table in August and our members rejected that offer. We wrote back to the Ministry of Finance and we have not yet received a date to go back to the table. We are expecting that the matter will be treated with some amount of urgency,” said JTA President Georgia Waugh Richards.



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