The trinidad Guardian / The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which was launched in T&T yesterday is being described as, “the most powerful device on the market” according to Samsung’s Manager, Sales, Latin America, Terry Weech.

Delivering brief remarks during the mid-morning launch at Trincity Mall, Weech said the response thus far had been overwhelming following the global launch which took place one month ago.

Assuring the latest offering had undergone rigorous tests and quality assurance processes, Weech acknowledged, “There is no secret that Samsung had some issues with the Note 7.”

However, he said, “We acknowledge those issues and we are now the leaders in battery safety.”

He added that Samsung had now developed an eight-point safety check which included each device being x-rayed, tested, and re-tested via accelerated longevity processes to ensure it is safe for continuous use during long periods.

In August 2016, Samsung announced it was discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 – a smartphone the company released in hopes of rivalling Apple’s iPhone 7.

When some owners reported the smartphone was overheating and in some cases, exploding, Samsung subsequently issued a recall and said its second run of devices would be safe.

However, similar reports surfaced with that batch, forcing Samsung to discontinue the smartphone altogether.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fires and explosions sparked two recalls and cost the smartphone maker at least $5 billion to resolve.

The Note 7 was also banned on airplanes for several months.

Weech said because of the increased safety features the Note 8 was subjected to, “We are completely confident our devices will be safe.”

As one of the telecommunications manufacturers worldwide who insist on being present at product launches in each territory, Weech appealed to customers to be patient as supplies were currently limited.

Unable to say how much the device would be sold for locally, officials said it was up to the respective companies to set the price, but admitted, “Importation costs are very high”


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