The trinidad Guardian / If we are not careful and do not do something urgently, our once striving agriculture industry can become a thing of the past. If this ever takes place it will be a very sad day indeed in Trinidad and Tobago. The global climate change is giving this industry a serious beating locally. We have that evidence right before our very eyes where acres of crops are no longer fit for the market because of the persistent rainfall over the past few days. Crops totally ruined.

Now there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent the rain from falling and with the abundance we are having. However, more emphasis needs to be placed on those involved in this industry. What you are hearing coming from our local farmers is simply discouragement, with many wondering if they should remain in this line of work.

This is not good for an industry which has the great potential of bringing in foreign exchange and reducing imports if handled properly. Too often our farmers are left out in the cold to fend for themselves when there is a natural disaster despite many promises made.

I am calling on all, including financial institutions and even the business community, to do all that is possible to support our local agriculture industry. If we are serious about diversification this industry is rich in potential for we have what it takes to make this a very striving business. There is the right soil type, climate, products and a people who have the know-how. What is needed is the encouragement and the help financially, etc.

Let us as a country not allow this industry to be something that we read about in history books. Together we can save it. I can only see us benefiting as a nation if we do so.



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