The trinidad Guardian / Peter Schulting (NED/PSL) landed the Tobago International Cycling Classic Stage title.

At the end of the fourth and final stage at Wilson Road, Scarborough yesterday, Schulting was declared the winner scoring 33 points despite finishing ninth in the 50 laps/50km race around the Scarborough Market.

Marlo Rodman (JAM/PSL) captured the race in 1:05:37.21 ahead of Rafael Meran (COL/Raiders), 1:05.37.35, and Lucas Carstesen (GER/Embrace The World), 1:05:37.41. However, Carstesen was second with Rodman in third. Both tallied 27 points but Rodman got the nod as he beat Carstesen in the final stage.

Akil Campbell (T&T/PSL) was the top local rider in sixth overall after he was fifth in the stage.

Schulting led after winning the first stage in Carnbee on Wednesday and maintained his lead after he was second in Stage Two (Thursday) and sixth in Stage Three (Friday).

The PSL team controlled yesterday’s Division One race from the onset with Campbell setting the early pace on Wilson Road taking the first two loops of the 50 race before his teammate Alex Bhogal of Canada went ahead in the sixth, seventh and eight laps.

Pharmaco rider Raynauth Jeffrey of Guyana tried to undo PSL’s team’s plan as he zoomed ahead in the 11th and 12th circuits. Bhogal went back to the helm of the race and led for the majority of the criterium as he was in pole position for 31 of the 50 laps before dropping out of the contention after his effort for his team was done. Joshua Alexander (TTO/Raiders) tailed Bhogal most of the way.

Rodman captured the Sprint Prime title with 174 points ahead of Campbell (167) and Nicklas Pedersen (DEN/Econo Car), 137. Cartesen was the Top Under 25 rider while Rodman was the top Caribbean finisher. Campbell was the top T&T cyclist.

Schulting ensured the title returned to the Netherlands as Arno Van Der Zwet won last year’s crown. However, Van Der Zwet finished down the field in 43rd position. Schulting was elated as he recorded his first ever race win.

Seventeen-year old local rider Kemp Orosco of DPS took care of the Division Two category after he captured the 20 laps/20km event in 28:59.76. Orosco, who rode with PSL in Tobago, was ahead after his victory in the first stage in Carnbee on Wednesday. However, he dropped to third at the end of Stage Two after he was ninth and then to seventh after Stage Three, he was fourth. He ended the Scarborough leg knowing that a victory will secure the overall crown and did just that.

The 31st edition of the Tobago International Cycling Classic (TICC) ends today with the UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago which begins at the Scarborough Esplanade, Milford Road, Scarborough from 7.30 am. In the 120km race, the riders will travel through Plymouth, Castara, Charlotteville, Speyside, Roxborough, Mason Hall and end at Scarborough. James Picolli (CAN/PSL) won last year’s race. Picolli will not be defending his crown.


Division One (50laps/50 km): 1st Marloe Rodman (JAM/PSL) 1:05.37.21, 2nd Rafael Meran (COL/Raiders) 1:05.37.35, 3rd Lucas Carstesen (GER/Embrace The World) 1:05:37.41, 4th Twan Brusselan (NED/PSL) 1:05:37.48, 5th Jake Silverburg (USA/Pharmaco) 1:05.37.82, 6th Stalin Quiterio (Dom Rep/Raiders) 1:05.38.25, 7th Nicklas Amid Pedersen (DEN/Econo Car) 1:05:38.38, 8th Emile Abraham (TTO/Pharmaco) 1:05:38.50, 9th Peter Schulting (NED/PSL) 1:05:39.54

Overall:1st Schulting 33, Carstesen 27, 3rd Rodman 27, 4th Dennis Ramirez (COL/Raiders) 22, 5th Winston David (USA/Pharmaco) 18, 6th Akil Campbell (TTO/PSL) 15, 7th Meran 14, 8th Ken Tiltmann (USA/RC Die Schwalben) 13, 9th Abraham 13

Top Under-25 rider: Lucas Carstesen

Top Caribbean: Marloe Rodman

Top T&T Rider: Akil Campbell (TTO/PSL)

Sprint Primes: 1 Rodman 174, 2 Campbell 167, 3 Pedersen 137

Team Points: 1 PSL 89, 2nd Raiders 50, 3 Pharmaco 37, 4 Embrace The World 27, 5 Team Econo Car 15, 6 RC Die Schwalben 13, 7 Heatwave 9, 8th Veloclub Ratisbona 9

Fast & Furious Road Keirin: 1 Rafael Meran (COL/Raiders) 2:44.65, 2 Lucas Cartesen (GER/Embrace The World) 2:44.69, 3 Emile Abraham (TTO/Pharmaco) 2:44.79, 4 Stalin Quiterio (DOM REP/Raiders) 2:44.84

Division Two (20 laps/20 km)

1 Kemp Orosco (T&T/PSL) 28:59.76, 2 Severin Geissibl (GER/Velocub Ratisbona) 28:59.82, 3 Jacob Kelly (BAR/Massy United) 28:60.0, 4 Kyle Gill (BAR/Massy United) 29:00.80, 5 Shaquel Agard (GUY/Econo Car) 29:31.80, 6 Dillian Gray (BAR/Massy United) 29:36.78, 7 Teneil Campbell (T&T/PSL) 29:38.17, 8 Marlies Mejias (CUB/Raiders) 29:38.36

Overall: 1 Orosco 40, 2 Geissibl 39, 3 Kelly 29, 4 Ronnel Woods (TTO/Woods) 20, 5 Shaquel Agard (GUY/Econo Car) 19, 6 Campbell 18, 7 Gill 17, 8 Blackwood 12


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