Trinidad Express / Carla Jeffery woke up yesterday morning with two thoughts racing through her head; kill herself or come to the Trinidad Express.

For Jeffery’s five children, it was a huge relief that the latter decision prevailed.

Jeffery said she reached her breaking point, as the family will soon be homeless if something is not done.

She said, “Just this year alone I had to move three times.”

With Christmas just a few months away, Jeffery says, she will have no choice but to move yet again.

“My landlord is selling the house, and needs me and my kids to move out by November 30. I am not employed, and I have nowhere to go,” she said.

An emotional Jeffery could not hold back the tears while sitting in the interview room at CCN’s South Bureau office in San Fernando.

She said, “I have reached the end of my rope. It was either I came here this morning or kill myself. I am not employed, and I have no money. I have called around looking for places but it is the same thing, I can only get a rent between $3500-$4000 a month. Given the amount children I have; people with homes to rent are giving me three and four bedroom options, since it is most feasible. Right now I live in a two-bedroom with my children and we make it work. The rent is $1800 but the landlord has been very understanding with my situation, and accepts $1400 a month from me.”

NOTE: More on this story, and the Housing Ministry’s response, in the Trinidad Express newspaper.


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