The trinidad Guardian / A 35-year-old man who drank poison after stabbing a 12-year-old girl and her 32-year-old mother 11 days ago has died at hospital.

The man, a PH taxi driver, attacked the mother and daughter a day after the woman went to the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court to secure a restraining order against him. Following his death on Wednesday at the San Fernando General Hospital, relatives scheduled his funeral for today.

Relatives told reporters the attack followed claims that the 12-year-old had been sexually molested repeatedly by a close male relative. The girl’s mother confronted the suspect and made a report to the police.

Two days later, the suspect, who had threatened to tie up the family and set their house ablaze, pried open their front door with a pitchfork around midnight and stabbed the mother and daughter with a kitchen knife. They were able to run into the road and were taken to hospital.

The man ran into bushes and hid but was found hours later by residents. As they brought him to the roadside, he threw up a liquid that appeared to be a pesticide. He was taken to hospital where doctors found that his organs had been severely affected.


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