Trinidad Express / Tax fireworks to ensure that there is medication for poor people under the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP).

This was one of the many suggestions put forward to the Government yesterday by Independent Senator Dhanayshar Mahabir during his contribution to the budget debate in the Senate.

Mahabir noted that 20 per cent of the population are poor and they affected when there are drug shortages.

On recommending ways to fund CDAP, Mahabir said Government should start with “all the fireworks on Divali night that created mayhem in Trinidad and Tobago, tax the fireworks!”.

He said this “fireworks fund” can be used to finance CDAP and “it will make a lot of poor people happy,”.

Mahabir also suggested that Government gifts a person on their 40th birthday a free diabetes and hypertension test which would cost about $10 for the two.

HE said many people suffer from these diseases at the expense of the State and if they are detected early a lot can be saved.

Funding for this, he said, can also come from the fireworks tax.

Mahabir said he has seen too many people his age and younger lose their limbs because of these diseases.


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