Trinidad Express / The hunting season in Trinidad and Tobago opened on Sunday.

And some are already raising concerns over social media photographs of hunters showing off their kill.

The hunting season is restricted by law to the period between October 1 and March 31.

Agriculture Minister Clarance Rambharat said it was too early in the hunting season to say whether hunters were over hunting.

But he advised that hunters act responsibly to sustain the wildlife population.

Rambharat said hunters should ensure they go about hunting the right way. He asked that they avoid killing young animals and hunt only those animals which are allowed.

He said the Ministry will continue to monitor the hunting season and take necessary actions if required.

The wildlife section of the Forestry Division have been conducting patrols in the northern range ensuring that hunters were in possession of valid permits.

Similar patrols were carried out throughout the country.

A State Game Licence is required for the hunting of wild and protected animals.

Permits are issued annually from September 15 until the end of the hunting season.

Licence holders are required to surrender their hunting permits by 31st May in order to avoid being fined.


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