The trinidad Guardian / Many in the population are speculating the measures going to be implemented by the Government in this upcoming budget presentation. Increase in taxes, restrictions, devaluation etc. The Government asks for citizens to be patient with regard to the “tough love” budget.

From those in elected positions, making decisions for the betterment/detriment of this nation, to the “man on the street”, all have admitted to economic hard times and loss, recession and retrenchment, not only locally but regionally and internationally. How then is it conscientiously and viably possible for this Government to take/ask for more from less?

Perhaps of greater benefit and profitability to us as a whole, would be productive actions and efforts by the elected, to harness their authority and sense of moral obligation to the people of this country in reclaiming all that was stolen through corruption, greed and mismanagement by various entities. Those monies, I’m sure, would not only greatly reduce the deficit but the tough love justice meted out and delivered may be a great deterrent to future thoughts of corruption, pilferage and wastage!

R Pollonais,

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