Jamaica Gleaner / Health and fitness is the most fulfilling combination you can incorporate into your everyday life. Certified personal trainer and massage therapist Troy Hudson has come up with an innovative programme that is guaranteed to not only make you look good, but will make you feel good too.

His journey down the road of health started at age nine when he was diagnosed with asthma. He admitted that this created adverse effects on his body since he was also overweight. The doctors recommended that he lose the excess pounds.

“My mother was big on health and fitness, and she would take me to the gym with her in the evenings. I grew fascinated with the equipment and the various activities happening in the fitness centre. This motivated me to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as develop an insatiable appetite for fitness,” Hudson explained to Flair .

He became a regular member at Cuthbert Fitness Studios, owned by Olympian Juliet Cuthber,t and it was there that the seed of pursuing personal training was planted and bore fruit. “Juliet noticed my drive and passion for fitness. She then encouraged me to get certified, as she saw my potential in personal training.”



He enrolled at The Jamaica Self-Defense Academy, where he received certification in Intekai training in the disciplines: weight resistance, self-defence, aerobics, anatomy and physiology, fitness nutrition, first aid (renewed annually) and CPR, just to name a few. “My mentor, George Rattray, played a huge role in the certification process. I can’t thank him enough for his assistance and support.”

Now armed with qualification, he needed a fresh and eager set of warriors to lead the fight towards good health. That’s when Trojans of Troy was born. Trojans of Troy, he said, had initially come about when a client commented on the intensity of his training. They both joked about the coincidence that Hudson’s first name is being linked to the great city in Greece called Troy. Trojans represent the foot soldiers of Troy, who displayed resilience, fortitude and commitment.

So what does the programme entail? According to Hudson, Trojans of Troy seeks to take on a holistic approach to personal training. The package includes self-defence, core conditioning, personal training, PNF stretching, weight resistance, fitness nutrition, accupressure techniques, deep tissue and massage therapy.

“There are many great programmes out there, but I believe that Trojan’s of Troy brings a whole lot to the table. Training sessions are never predictable, and we pay keen attention to detail. We are thorough in ensuring proper form and manipulation of equipment. And we are committed to ensuring full customer satisfaction,” he revealed.

Flair visited Hudson at Life Fit, located off Red Hills Road, recently, where he tapped into his inner soldier, demonstrating a few of his moves designed to target the upper body, the lower body and the core in-between. He really takes his passion outside the conventions of ordinary, pushing the body beyond its limit for optimum results.

His Trojan warriors would definitely agree, since they have used words such as intense, awesome, engaging and inspiring to describe his sessions. “I encourage my clients to maintain consistency and discipline in their diet and fitness regime. While they look forward to the stretching and complimentary deep tissue and light massages. Even though I push my clients, I know when to go easy with them.”

You can be sure to get a full range of health and fitness when you join the Trojans by Troy movement.

For more information, follow @lifefitja on Instagram or check out the hashtag on Instagram #trojansoftroyja. Salute the Trojan.

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