MiamiHerald / Tropical Storm Nate formed early Thursday, dumping heavy rain across the Central American coast on a northward track headed for the U.S.

At 8 a.m., the storm was located about 10 miles south of Nicaragua’s north coast with sustained winds of 40 mphp. It’s expected to make landfall today as it continues moving to the northwest and picked up speed through Friday night as it approaches the Yucatan Peninsula.

The latest models shift the storm to the west, taking it away from the Florida Panhandle and toward Louisiana when it approaches the U.S. Sunday. However, forecast tracks so far in advance can be many miles off, with the average at four days at about 170 miles.

The latest forecast models shifted Tropical Storm Nate’s future track slightly west when it nears the Gulf Coast on Sunday. But forecasts can still be many miles off so far in advance.


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