The trinidad Guardian / The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) and the Venezuelan Gas Processors Association (AVGP) are in advanced stages of discussions regarding the Rio Caribe Project- an initiative designed to create new opportunities in the downstream gas sector.

In a media release yesterday TTMA president Christopher Alcazar said: “This project, once successfully undertaken, will open new doors for the manufacturing sector, given the fact that the Rio Caribe field has commercially extractable quantities of ethane, a petrochemical that is vital to the plastics industry”.

Noting the relationship between both countries, Alcazar was encouraged stating, “The AVPG is keen on ensuring that there is sufficient local content within the ambit of this project, a very positive sign for our private sector, our country and for our future relationship with their Association.”

Established by executives from the Venezuelan Oil & Gas Industry in 1984, (AVPG), a private, non-profit organization, has as its mission to “promote research and the interchange of information about the safe industrial utilization of natural gas and its products, and to support sound business opportunities in all matters pertaining to the natural gas industry in Venezuela”

According to the release, the TTMA “enthusiastically” looks forward to the finalization of this arrangement, and the benefits that it will bring to the manufacturing community and the citizens of T&T.


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