The trinidad Guardian / Well, flood hit big time in Trinidad. We did receive quite a lot of rainfall-more is expected too. The Met Office informed us in the week of May 19-24 (check their bulletin of that period) that they were expecting a “dry” wet season 2017. Guess we all now know better. Then who knows-November is yet to come. It may be Sahara dry but I will not bet on it though. Historically, November is always a wet month.

I remember well, too, citizens wanting to crucify/burn Dr Wayne Kubalsingh back in 2012-2014 with the highway re-route issue? Dr Kubalsingh was just requesting, among other things, that we do a proper hydrology report on the highway and environs and how said construction project would affect the ecology/environment etcetera, around that southern area. Well I guess the good old doctor knew what he was speaking of and about.

I say give Dr Kubalsingh the work to report on the weather system as well as on that hydrology report, he seems to have gotten it right, based on solid liquid evidence.

Let’s get it right. It’s about time we use proper scientific methodology and techniques and fix things. Let’s have proper discourse on these issues, with prompt effective action. Standing still is not an option. Again, I am also of the view that we take a look at harvesting water in the “dry” wet seasons for when the dry dry season rolls around-and it does come around-so we are not found to be in want of water.

Citizens in the Long Circular, St James area have had no water in their taps since June-2017 and today October 24, 2017 as I write, no water for the past two days. Where I am is rain like peas, so what say ye WASA, water pressure low or is silt?

Why can’t we also have a revisit of that John Humphrey plan/idea about digging/building dams/ponds along the river courses to hold water (harvest and store) and at least delay or even reduce the level/ incidence of flooding downstream. The attendant inconvenience and losses and cost-involved in bringing things back to normal will be reduced. Is this a fallout too from all those construction projects-no place for the water to settle until natural run-off can occur? Poor or no development planning?

Let’s at least give these things a try. We have been doing nothing but talk for decades. Let’s take action now, it’s as good a time as any.

What Millette plan for Port-of-Spain yuh talking about? Where in town does still flood? Whey? By de bus terminus? Dey does still flood? More work for the doctor then boy. Wayne, oh gosh man, help we out nah, please.

T Clay Sucre, Montrose


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