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The Jamaican Government has declared a second Zone of Special Operations, this time in Denham Town, Kingston.

The declaration was made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness during a press conference at Jamaica House.

Mr. Holness said the order was gazetted at 8:30 this morning.

He said the area met the first order of the criteria to be declared a zone, which is ongoing gang warfare, rampant criminality, escalating violence and murder, and a threat to rule of law.

In further explaining the rationale behind selecting Denham Town, Commissioner of Police George Quallo said the area has been plagued by gang feuds resulting in the murder of almost 50 people in four years.   Commissioner Quallo said there are 12 known gangs operating out of the area.   He said the gang feuds have heightened since the shooting and injuring of the brother of imprisoned gangster Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, in April this year.   The special zone will remain in force for 60 days, in the first instance.   Under the Zone of Special Operations legislation, the security forces are allowed to operate under special conditions in the designated geographical area.    Residents should expect to encounter check points, cordons and searches. Residents must also present identification.   Boundaries     Chief of Defence Staff for the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Major General Rocky Meade, said the zone will cover the section of the community with high levels of criminal activity.     The general boundaries will run northerly along Greenwich Street, Metcalfe Street and Racecourse Lane and easterly along Rose Lane. The southern boundary will run along Beason Street, between Rose Lane and Spanish Town Road, while the western boundary will run along Spanish Town Road between Beason Street and Albert Street.   Major Meade said the zone has been established in such a manner to prevent the Denham Town Primary School from being affected.   Lieutenant Colonel Murphey Pryce of the JDF and Senior Superintendent Everald Linton of the JCF are jointly in charge of operations in the Denham Town special zone.   The security operations are to be accompanied by special social intervention measures in order to build the capacity of the community to overcome the socio-economic problems it faces.   Prime Minister Holness said he will make an announcement about the Social Intervention Committee in five days.   The first zone of special operations has been ongoing in Mount Salem, St. James since September 1. That zone is scheduled to end on October 30.


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